Rodney A. Briggs Library Associates

  • Rodney A. Briggs Association meets annually to celebrate the cultural, intellectual, and artistic life of the community and region.
  • Briggs Library Associates Annual Book Sale
  • Sculpture "Wings With Words" of former Head Librarian Russ DuBois

“The library is the heart of a liberal arts learning community.”

—Former Chancellor Sam Schuman

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rodney A. Briggs Library Associates is to recognize the role that Briggs Library plays in the success of the University of Minnesota, Morris and the life of west central Minnesota; provide programming and exhibits to enrich the cultural, intellectual, and artistic life of these communities; and raise funds for providing materials, furnishings, and projects not possible with the existing library budget.

Announcement: The BLA Book Sale is scheduled for October 21st-22nd, 2021. 

Briggs Library Associates organized to bring together Morris friends who love books, who enjoy cultural pursuits, and who believe in supporting an important campus and regional intellectual resource.

Briggs Library Associates know that Rodney A. Briggs Library is vital to Morris’s future and an important regional and community asset. The library's purpose illustrates serving the campus community as well as the citizens of west central Minnesota. Briggs Library provides access to books, journals, and numerous electronic resources for scholarly activities, for research, and for pure pleasure of learning and reading.

Briggs Library Associates speak out for the needs of the facility and advocate growth and improvements. They are ambassadors on campus and in the community, promoting the library’s resources and encouraging its use.

Briggs Library Associates provide programming and exhibits that enrich the cultural, intellectual, and artistic life of the community and region.

As a Briggs Library Associate, you will play an important role in the future of the Rodney A. Briggs Library. Your contributions, financial gifts, leadership skills, suggestions, and ideas are appreciated and welcomed.

Annual levels of support:

UMM Student  $10
Contributor  $30
Donor  $60
Friend  $125
Sponsor  $250
Patron  $500
Benefactor  $1,000
Group business and corporation  $125
Group nonprofit organizations  $60
Business and Corporations  $125

Gifts of all amounts are appreciated. Please contact LeAnn Dean for questions about Briggs Library Associates or for membership information.

Sponsorship Requests

Briggs Library Associates welcomes proposals from individuals or groups for partnerships or co-sponsorships to make events possible fo the enjoyment and enrichment of the UMM and surrounding communities. You are invited to complete the online form outlining the details of the proposal. A response from the Briggs Library Associates will be forwarded as soon as decision is made. 

Book Donations

If you have unused or unwanted books, think of the Briggs Library Associates. The Briggs Library Associates are always accepting donated items for its annual book sale in the fall. To arrange delivery of a book sale donation, please contact LeAnn Dean. Note: Book sale dates are October 21st-22nd, 2021.

BLA Student Art Awards

As a way of permanently show-casing the artistic talent of University of Minnesota, Morris students and enhancing the library facility, Rodney A. Briggs Library Associates sponsors two student art art awards each year. BLA selects one piece from the Juried Art Exhibit and one piece from the Senior Art Show.  Selections are made by a member of the Associates, a library staff member and a student.

BLA Student Art Award Winners

Naomi Ballard : Woman Restrained
Matthew Sheets : Time and Place

Frances Burr : Crocodile
Emily Klarer : Turtle Lady

Anneliese Tatham : Nourish and Seed Stories
Bray Benoist : Last Hunt

Belinda Threadgil : Educate Them

Rodney A. Briggs Library Associates Board of Directors 


Aaron Wenzel, President
Sara Haugen, Past President
Alisande Allaben, Vice President 
Katrina Tirevold, Secretary
Josh Johnson, Liz Morrison, Cheryl Rempel, Members-At-Large  
Shanda Pittman, MCSA Representative   
Jennifer Zych Herrmann, Advancement ex-officio member  
LeAnn Dean, Briggs Library Representative ex-officio