Children's & Young Adult Collection

The purpose of this collection is to serve the needs of the students and faculty of the Division of Education and to provide resources for current and prospective teachers. In addition to supporting UMM’s teacher education program, community educators and children are also invited to use the materials.

Located on the third floor of Briggs Library, the space holds several distinct collections.

The Children’s and Young Adult Collection is made up of easy/picture books, as well as fiction and nonfiction sections written for children and young adults. This collection is cataloged and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification for non-fiction and alphabetical by author for fiction.

The Teacher Education Collection consists of elementary textbooks, secondary textbooks, teaching aids and kits. The materials in these sections are arranged by curricular area and further subdivided by publisher or producer.

The TREC collection contains materials donated to the library by the Tutoring, Reading, Enabling, Children (TREC) program. TREC is a collaborative effort of the Morris Area Schools, the UMM Office of Community Engagement and other community partners. This library collection focuses on literacy instruction for readers ages kindergarten through third grade and includes both fiction and non-fiction titles. The books, while integrated into the Children's collection, are listed here.