• Pounce the Cougar searches the stacks of books.
  • Briggs Library bookshelves

Briggs Library maintains materials related to off-reservation boarding schools.

Morris Indian Boarding School

Briggs Library has an assortment of atlas materials covering state, national, and world geographical areas as well as historical perspectives.

Student using an atlas.

Briggs Library offers a variety of recent popular fiction and nonfiction titles. 

Bookshelf dedicated to Bestselling books.

The Career Services Library is comprised of books related to career opportunities.

A wide variety of books related to careers.

Briggs Library CD collection includes music of various genres and styles from classical to jazz. The spoken word CDs are in the general collection.

Visit the music cd collection.

A variety of tabletop games are available for checkout through Briggs Library.

Circulating games at Briggs Library

Curriculum Library is to serve the needs of the students and faculty of the Division of Education and to provide resources for current and prospective teachers.

Example of children's materials available at Briggs Library.

The Briggs Library DVD collection includes documentaries that support the curriculum as well as a variety of feature and entertainment titles representing numerous genres and languages.

DVD Collection

The Faculty Learning and Teaching Collection includes resources on a wide variety of topics related to higher education, pedagogy and the teaching profession.

Collection for teaching and higher education topics

Briggs Library subscribes to thousands of electronic and print journals.

Display of current periodicals and scholarly journals for patron use.

Donated by retired Professor Richard Grant, Briggs Library's collection of Little Magazines is shelved in the McGinnis Room.

Browse our Little Magazine collection.

Briggs Library purchases and houses music scores for solos and small ensemble performance.  

Example of music score.

Briggs Library is honored to have been chosen in 2015 by Paulette Fairbanks Molin to receive a collection of scholary materials that represent her lifetime work as a noted author, educator, and museum consultant. 

Contemporary poetry written in English and published since 1900 reside in the McGinnis Room.

Pounce the Cougar selects a poetry book.

The Rare Books and Manuscript collection is located on the fourth floor of Briggs Library.

Example of rare books available at Briggs Library.

Briggs Library has a wide assortment of reference materials available for use. 

Reference books available for use within Briggs Library.

Briggs Library is proud to identify and collect works created by UMM faculty, staff, and students. 

Scholarship collection

The West Central Minnesota Historical Research Center collects documents and records of eight counties in West Central Minnesota.

Historical books for the West Central Minnesota Historical Research Center.

Located on the fourth floor of Briggs Library in room 420, this collection represents the records and materials of the West Central School of Agriculture.

WCSA Students and Outdoor Booth on Mall