Molin Collection

Paulette Fairbanks Molin graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris in 1966 and has the distinction of being the institution's first Native American graduate. A member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe from the White Earth Reservation, Molin was motivated by a desire to help others know North American's complex Indian history. Her career included service as the director of an American Indian elementary curriculum project for the Minneapolis Public Schools, assistant dean of the graduate college and director of the American Indian Educational Opportunity Program at Hampton University in Virginia and respected scholar on Native American education and culture. 

Containing both fiction and non-fiction, Molin collection includes a variety of works from children's literature to history, art, culture, sociology, and education all reflecting Dr. Molin's expertise and scholarship. In additional to the published works, the donor's manuscripts, personal papers, and non-published materials are also within the scope of the collection. Given Dr. Molin's life work as an educator, the decision was made to locate the collection adjacent to the Briggs Library Curriculum Collection on the 3rd floor.