McGinnis Room

The McGinnis Room is often referred to as Briggs Library's "living room" since it is often used for both library and campus events, speakers and readings. It's also a popular location for informal study groups.

The McGinnis Room was established by friends and colleagues of faculty member Patrick McGinnis (associate professor of English) after his death in August 1966 to serve as the location for a special collection of American and British poetry published after 1900.

Patrick McGinnis joined the faculty in 1961 in the second year of the college. He taught 17th Century English Literature until the summer he died, weeks after receiving his doctorate from the University of Minnesota. McGinnis had been diagnosed with leukemia two years earlier, but was able to keep teaching and living a normal life. Barbara McGinnis served as a reference librarian at Briggs Library for more than 25 years.

The McGinnis Room also contains the Little Magazine collection, donated by Richard Grant in 1993. Richard Grant was a colleague and friend of Patrick and Barbara McGinnis.

While this space is not equipped with ethernet connections or a projector, the library media cart is available for digital presentations or zoom meetings.