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Briggs Library strives to provide a quality collection of materials to support undergraduate instruction and research and, to a more limited extent, faculty research needs. The library depends on the expertise and interests of the campus community to inform selection decisions.   

In terms of faculty input, each discipline is given an allocation from the library materials budget. Amounts and procedures are communicated through Division Chairs and Discipline Coordinators. The library materials budget should not be used to purchase software or items intended to be houses and used in a division office or lab. We request that you submit the recommendation by using the above form rather than via separate e-mail or paper brochures.

Staff members are invited to make recommendations for resources that would inform their unit’s activities or decisions. Student suggestions are welcome as well, for items needed to support their assignments and research. Finally, the library also endeavors to provide materials for recreational and leisure utilization so suggestions in that category are especially encouraged.

Purchase recommendations should be for “one time only” purchases of books, media, music scores, children’s literature, CD’s and other formats. Suggestions for ongoing subscriptions or for computer software should be communicated by contacting the library director.

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