Locating Books by Call Number

  • Call numbers located along the spine of books.
  • Book stacks filled with different topics.

Briggs Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System for items in most of the collections. Each item is assigned a call number that begins with letters. Look at the first letter of the call number and then at the chart below to determine where the item is shelved.

The Children's Literature and TREC collections are arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification system, similar to the arrangement in K-12 libraries where our Teacher Education majors will be working. 

The Curriculum library also includes textbook, teaching kits and teaching aids collections that are arranged by curricular and then by publisher or producer. 

The Print periodical collection (current issues on the main floor and back issues on the 4th floor) are arranged in alphabetical order by title. The special collection entitled "Little Magazine Collection" is also arranged in the title alphabetical order.

REF In Pounce, if the call number begins with or ends with REF or REF COLL, the item is shelved in the reference section on the main floor (2nd).
A-N Call numbers that begin with A-N are shelved on the first floor (basement).
P-T Call numbers that begin with P–T are located on the third floor.
U-Z Call numbers U-Z are located on the fourth floor, along with back issues of journals.