End of Semester Relaxation Activities

  • Flowers on a massage bed with a candle

Briggs Library offers a variety of end-of-semester relaxation opportunities for students including free 5-minute massages, relaxation workshops as well as aromatic oils Buddha Boards, coloring and games.

The McGinnis Room in Briggs Library is your peaceful oasis when finals approach. A local licensed massage therapist from Back to Basics Massage provides free 5-minute massages at the end of each semester. The UMM Wellness Center also provides a Buddha Board and aromatic oils. Coloring sheets and games are also on-hand.

Refreshments such as coffee, bars, and fruit are also provided at the end of each semester, and are made possible by a variety of partners including the Briggs Library Associates and Morris Healthy eating.

Besides end-of-semester activities, Briggs Library also hosts a Meditation Room in conjunction with the Stress Reduction Expo in November featuring bean bag chairs, aromatic oils and a Buddha Board.