UMM Archives

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The University of Minnesota, Morris Archives is housed on the fourth floor in Room 420 of Rodney A. Briggs Library and serves as the institutional memory of the campus. It includes material from the various administrative arms of the college, records from the various divisions, disciplines, and offices, material provided by student organizations, campus governance, photographs, and the personal papers of administrators, professors, and UMM employees. Though the process of including UMM Archives materials in Pounce is an ongoing one, many of the materials are cataloged and included in the library's online catalog.

The UMM Archives are under the direction of Stephen Gross, archivist and associate professor of history.

For assistance in using the UMM Archives, call 320-589-6172 or contact the archivist.

Other special collections located nearby UMM Archives include American Indian Boarding School, Rare Books, West Central School of Agriculture, West Central Minnesota Historical Research Center and UMM Scholarship Collections.

The materials do not circulate, but a photocopier is available in the special collections area. The hours may vary from semester to semester and during breaks.