SMARTboard Room

  • Student working with interactive whiteboard
  • Student writing on the interactive whiteboard

Briggs Library has a SMARTBoard located in Briggs Library Room 260. It is available to all UMM students, staff and faculty.

What is a SMARTBoard? A SMARTBoard is much more than a traditional whiteboard or projector. It is a specific version of an interactive whiteboard. Using a SMARTBoard you can work with others on a project. With the special SMART pens you can write or draw on the surface. You can even use your finger. In fact, up to four people can be interacting on the SMARTBoard at the same time. Create outlines, solve problems, brainstorm projects and much more! When finished save to a personal storage device.

The SMARTBoard will also work with a variety of software products including Microsoft. Highlight sections or write comments on a Word or Excel document and then save. It is also possible to bring up applications such as Word and convert your writing into text directly into the document. You can even bring up websites on the SMARTBoard, overlaying comments or cropping certain elements and incorporating them into SMARTBoard pages. Sections of the screen or the entire board can be captured and then manipulated. To capture elements click on the desired content and then draw a box around it. Now it is an object and you can move it around where you want. To copy to a new page click on the camera icon located near the top of the SMARTBoard.

To save your notes return the SMART pen to the tray. Select "Capture" on the Smart Ink tool bar. The screen capture is saved to a new file. Press the SMART Notebook file in the taskbar to view notes. Press save to save the file to a flashdrive, Google Drive or email it to yourself. Do not save to the library computer located in the room as contents get wiped after 30 minutes of inactivity.

To get started, touch the large green button located on the SmartBoard. If the computer next to the SMARTBoard is not on yet activate that as well. Then double-click on SMART Notebook 11 icon located on the computer desktop. You are now ready to start using the SMARTBoard. Pick up a SMART pen from the tray. You can change colors from the tray. To write or draw with your finger by selecting a pen icon from left-side of the SMARTBoard screen. Erase with the eraser provided in the tray or click on the eraser icon to use your hand.

When you are finished please leave the SMARTBoard and computer turned on. If the SMARTBoard is turned off and then on again too quickly it can severely impact the longevity of the bulb.

Never use any pens or markers on the SMARTBoard except the SMART pens provided.

Experiment. Have fun! There's a lot to explore. If you need assistance please contact Ask A Librarian. There are a variety of print and online tutorials provided in Briggs Library Room 260.