Faculty Study Carrels

These individual study rooms are assigned for a term of one academic year (fall and spring semesters) or summer (mid-May through mid-August). Application is made to the Briggs Library Office Room 362 during the first week of fall semester and the week following graduation. Please contact Kristina Smith for more information.

The following priority will be observed in assigning these rooms:

  • Faculty on sabbatical who are displaced from their offices by their teaching replacements.
  • Visiting professors and visiting scholars
  • Faculty and P & A Staff
  • Retired Faculty

Sharing of a room by two individuals may be requested if the number of applicants exceeds the number of rooms.

The faculty/PA staff member is responsible for the carrel key and will pay any costs assigned by Facilities Management if the key is lost. Room keys will be distributed upon receiving the signature of the assignee. Keys are due back in the library office the last day of spring semester final examinations for the academic year term or the Friday before First Year Orientation for the summer term. Personal contents must be removed from the room at the time the key is returned.

Library materials should be checked out to the faculty/PA staff member before being stored in a carrel. The library reserves the right to search carrels for library property that has not been checked out through the circulation system or that needs to be returned for the use of another library user. Rooms are assigned for the purpose of research and study and not for storage.

Carrels are available for use during regular library hours.

The library reserves the right to make the final decisions concerning the assigning and utilization of the rooms.

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Availability & Scheduling: 

Schedule rooms with Kristi in Library Office Room 362