Services to Library Users with Disabilities

Rodney A. Briggs Library is committed to serving users with disabilities by providing special assistance to facilitate use of the collections and services. All staff working in public service areas of the library will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests from users with disabilities.

Adjustable Tables

Briggs Library has four adjustable tables. Two manually adjustable tables and one electric adjustable table are located on the main second floor, an additional electric adjustable table is located on the third floor. Each is labeled as an adjustable table.

Assistive Technology

Briggs Library has the software Kurzweil 3000 installed on all public computers. The library also has two scanners with Adobe Professional installed on the adjacent computers located on the main floor. JAWS, low vision screen reader software, and a Duxbury Braille Translator is installed computer #4 located behind the library computer lab. Additional assistive technology such as portable magnifiers, is available through the Disability Resource Center, located in Briggs Library Room 240.

Book Stack Assistance

If you need help retrieving a physical item from the shelf just ask for assistance at the reference desk or circulation desk. Someone will be glad to obtain the item for you. Requests for alternative formats should be directed to the Disability Resource Center or the Briggs Library Reference desk as appropriate.

Building Entrance

The main entrance to Briggs Library is wheelchair accessible from the Student Center.


Briggs Library subscribes to a variety of databases provided by third-party vendors. User experiences may vary. If you need assistance searching our electronic resources please Ask A Librarian.


Briggs Library has an elevator located by SMARTboard Seminar Room 260 that services all floors.


Restrooms are located on the third floor of Briggs Library and are equipped with power door openers.

Contact Information

If your needs in the library are not being met or if you have comments or suggestions, please notify us.

Angela Vetsch, Briggs Library Director
Phone: 320-589-6226

We also work closely with the Disability Resource Center staff within the Office of Academic Success.

Disability Resource Center
240 Briggs Library
600 Easth 4th Street
Morris, MN 56267

For assistive technology assistance contact Renee Seykora