Briggs Library Associates Juried Art Award Winner

Gillian Orth, winner of the 2021 library Associates art award for her piece Overgrown.
Publication date: 
April 5, 2021

Gillian Orth, Sophomore, is the winner of the 2021 Briggs Library Associates Art Award for her acrylic painting Overgrown from the Juried Art Exhibit.

The surerealstic piece features a green-tinged individual with flowering plants for a head holding a pruning shears. Orth sought to explore the idea of growth in the work which echoes her development as a person, while at the same time awknowledging that to truly flourish some parts have to be cut away.

"I am beginning to realize that every class, grade, and experience is another stepping stone for growth, and that this growth is not something to be ashamed of."

Orth draws inspiration from such classical artists as Vincent Van Gogh and Alphonse Mucha, admiring their use of color and pattern as well as "the beautiful way they portray human anatomy." She also enjoys more modern artists such as Hayao Miyazaki and Emily Carroll.

Not everything she makes is created equal. "Sometimes you are proud of it...and sometimes you have to recognize it as a learning experience. Even if you think it's the worst thing you've made that year, it still exists because of you."

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