Briggs Library Art

Image of Rush Exit, face of a man yelling done in reds
Publication date: 
February 1, 2021

Sitting at a table studying or walking the stacks to find a book, you've probably noticed the beautiful artwork scattered around Briggs Library.

Much of it has been purchased from student art shows or donated over the years. In an effort to capture the amazing variety of pieces represented throughout Briggs Library's floors, a team of Briggs Library staff and students have painstakingly digitized this wealth of creative output. To start exploring, simply go to the UMM Digital Collection from the library home page and then click on the Rodney A. Briggs Art Collection. You can browse by subject, medium, location, and date acquired.

This project was a collaboration between Rodney A. Briggs Library and Associate Professor of Art History Julia Dabbs, with much of the work being completed by two Morris Student Administrative Fellows (MSAFs): Mackenzie Knapp and Olivia Carlson. Since 2017, the Rodney A. Briggs Library Associates have purchased a work of student art for the collection.

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