Tax forms with scrabble-like tiles spelling out "Taxes".

Federal tax forms are available on the main floor of Briggs Library.

Books and banner with text "Briggs Book Madness"

Match up books in a head-to-head competition to see which book will get the most votes.

Image of Rush Exit, face of a man yelling done in reds

Much of the beautiful art you see hanging in Briggs Library can be accessed digitally.

Image of Enhancement grant award winners

The Rodney A. Briggs Associates announce enhancement grant award winners.

Group of classical-looking philosophers set against Greek architecture

Briggs Library is thrilled to announce the addition of PhilPapers, a comprehensive index of philosophy articles and books.

Open book with colorful design and the text "Browzine" and "New".

Browse, read and monitor online academic journals through Briggs Library.

KIC Bookedge Scanner

Briggs Library has a new touchscreen scanner and microfilm/fiche reader available for use.

Native American painting

Briggs Library has added the primary source database Indigenous Peoples of North America to its online offerings.