3D Printing FAQ

  • The 3D printer at Briggs Library is made by Stratasys.
  • Example of a 3D print of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull

What is 3D printing? 

Basically, you can make anything. 3D printing refers to any process that builds an object in layers. If you can design it, you can print it. 

How do I submit my files to print?

What kind of format should my file be for 3D printing?

Files that have the extension .stl are the most common format and work well with UMM's 3D printer. Most CAD programs can export files as .stl

What is the cost for 3D printing? 

We follow a cost recovery model and charge $4.50/inchof material used. There is a minimum charge of $5.00 for all print jobs below 1 inch3. We will contact you with cost prior to printing your file. 

How can I pay for my 3D job?

We accept cash, check (pay to the order of UMM Briggs Library), or department account. Prior to printing, we need the department account number. 

Where can I get 3D files for free?

There are a number of websites that share 3D files. Thingiverse, MeshLab and Blender are a few that share 3D files. 

I don't know how to make a 3D model, what should I do?  

There are a number of tutorial videos for AutoCAD, 123D Catch, Tinkercad and others. 

What software will allow me to create my own 3D designs? 

Any CAD software will allow you to create your own designs. Library computers have two introductory programs available, Form Z Free and TinkerCAD. 

Is there anyone who can assist me in creating my own design? 

Briggs Library will be hosting Intro to CAD software and 3D printing events throughout the year. Check our Events page for more information. 

I'm not a UMM student, staff or faculty member. Can I still print?

Yes. Community members may submit print jobs with a library card. Stop by the circulation desk to obtain a library card. The cost for 3D printing is the same for community members and students. 

How will I know what my job will cost? 

We will contact you prior to printing to confirm the size and costs of your print job. For examples of sizes, time and costs see the picture below. 

Example of 3D print jobs and their costs.